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Picture of Maevon in a tie die shirt, playing their guitar. They are in a recording studio, wearing headphones and standing around several microphones.

Music by Maevon Gumble

In addition to their work as a music therapist and pre-licensed counselor, Maevon is also a singer/songwriter in the Greater Pittsburgh area who plays their own original music as well as covers of predominately trans/nonbinary, queer, and/or female musicians. Having found their inspiration from the artistry of other expressive LGBTQIA+ singer/songwriters such as Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman, Brandi Carlile, and Namoli Brennet, Maevon believes in the power of music to be a container of self-discovery and compassion for all.

Using music as a place to practice vulnerability and to creatively explore their life experiences, Maevon crafts a world intended to inspire hope, healing, and exploration for listeners. To them, their music is a space to engage others in their stories of healing from trauma, navigating gender and identity, engaging in social justice and activism, and exploring relationships and love.

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