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Image by Jason Rosewell

gender affirming voicework

It's time to find your own voice

Individual Services

Together we'll work toward accessing and embodying a more affirming singing and/or speaking voice through the use of music therapy.


This might involve: 

  • working with your physical voice to change vocal habits

  • exploring your emotional connection with your voice, body, and/or gender

  • considering the contexts in which you use your voice and how that impacts both your physical voice and your emotional experiences

  • all of the above

This work surrounds directly working with the impacts of the gender binary on your experience of your voice and gender by supporting you in listening deeply to your own experience of yourself. A key idea to the way I practice: We are not prescriptive about the voice -- we are collaborative. This means I will support you in identifying your own voice and gender-related goals so that you might speak, sing, move, and live in the most affirming and authentic way you can.

- Let's get started! -

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