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About Becoming Through Sound

Owned by Maevon Gumble, Becoming Through Sound is a private practice that offers a variety of services all aimed at fostering healing, joy, and play. This is grounded in the belief that we are in constant states of becoming, if we allow ourselves to do so.

Picture of Maevon Gumble, who wears a black shirt and denim flannel overtop it. They are white and have short red hair (buzzed on the sides with some on top), a nose ring, and green tortoise glasses. They smile while pictured in front of the three large sunflower wall panels found in their office.

Meet the Owner

Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC

Music Therapist, Pre-licensed Counselor, Singer/Songwriter & Voice Teacher

Pronouns: they/them

Image by Jason Rosewell

Gender affirming voicework trainees

Through grantfunding from The Wild Gifting Project, Becoming Through Sound offers paid practicum opportunities for music therapists who are completing the supervised clinical work required for their Level III training in gender affirming voicework.

- Let's get started! -

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