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Sunset background with a guitar lying on it's back. The light casts down the neck of the guitar.
Becoming Through Sound LLC logo featuring a white background with the word "Becoming" written in cursive. Underneath the cursive writing is "THROUGH SOUND LLC" written in all caps. Coming out of the "B" of "Becoming" are colorful music staff lines with black music symbols on the staff.

Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC

Music Therapist & Pre-licensed Counselor


Owned by Maevon, Becoming Through Sound is a therapy practice that provides a collaborative space for fostering ways of living that bring you healing, joy, and peace. This is grounded in a belief that we are in constant states of becoming better and more authentic versions of ourselves, if we allow ourselves to do so. 

Picture of Maevon Gumble, who wears a black shirt and denim flannel overtop it. They are white and have short red hair (buzzed on the sides with some on top), a nose ring, and green tortoise glasses. They smile while pictured in front of the three large sunflower wall panels found in their office.


I offer a range of services for both those seeking therapeutic space as well as music therapists seeking community and/or continuing education opportunities.


Mental Health Services

Individual and group services geared toward improving your overall mental health through talk and/or music therapy

Image by Markus Gjengaar

Community Music

A professional monthly gathering space for music therapists and music therapy students who are queer, trans, nonbinary, and/or gender expansive

Image by Jason Rosewell

gender affirming voicework

Individual sessions where we'll work to access and embody a more affirming singing and/or speaking voice through the use of music therapy

Training in gender affirming voicework

This is a training process for music therapists and graduate level music therapy students who would like to facilitate gender affirming voicework services for others


Supervision can be an incredibly important part of clinical practice for music therapists at all points of their career

Image by Sincerely Media

In-services & Presentations

For organizations, businesses, and schools seeking an in-service or presentation on gender affirming voicework and/or queering music therapy practice

Available for both
in-person services as well as via telehealth

What therapy participants are saying about mental health services

I used to be so self-critical and was stuck in a loop. With Maevon's support, I learned about all the parts that make up who I am, and how I can better show up for those parts with compassion and curiosity, rather than judgment.

- Drew

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