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Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC, LPC

Music Therapist, Licensed Counselor,

Singer / Songwriter & Voice Teacher

I offer a variety of virtual services all aimed at fostering healing, joy, and play.

Whether for counseling, music therapy, or both -- people may seek out mental health services for a multitude of reasons. I tend to work alongside: 

  • Those a part of marginalized and minoritized communities (particularly those coming from queer/LGBTQIA+, BDSM/kink, and/or consensually nonmonogomous / polyamorous communities)

  • Anyone exploring gender, sexuality, and identity

  • Those navigating trauma stemming from abuse/neglect and/or systemic oppression

  • Those interested in Internal Family Systems & parts work

  • Therapists, music therapists, and creative folx

  • Those interested in music therapy and the creative arts

  • People of all ages, but especially teens and adults

I firmly believe that we are all in constant states of becoming better and more authentic versions of ourselves, if we allow ourselves to do so ... so let's become through sound together.

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