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Mental Health Services

Talk therapy, music therapy, and/or both -- you pick!

Individual Services

We'll work together one-on-one through the use of talk and/or music therapy.  People may seek out mental health services for a multitude of reasons.


I tend to work alongside: 

  • Those a part of marginalized and minoritized communities (particularly those coming from LGBTQIA+ communities)

  • Anyone exploring gender, sexuality, and identity

  • Those navigating trauma stemming from abuse and/or systemic oppression

  • Those interested in Internal Family Systems-informed parts work

  • People of all ages, but especially teens and adults

Group Services

Group mental health services can be a powerful place to find community and connection with others. I'm currently offering the following groups: 

  • Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive support group for adults  -- currently paused due to low membership, but please reach out if you're interested in joining as I would like to start another round of this group soon!

- Let's get started! -

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