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In the Art of Becoming Scholarship

Covers the cost of at least one BIPOC transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender expansive individual to participate in the Level I: Foundations training.

Interested in applying?

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:


  • Must be a music therapist and/or graduate level music therapy student applying for the Level I gav training

  • Must be a member of the BIPOC communities

  • Must be transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender expansive


When applying for the Level I: Foundations of gender affirming voicework training, eligible applicants will also be able to apply for this scholarship. Applications are now closed for the first cohort, but it is intended to offer this scholarship with the next available Level I training.


Scholarship(s) will be awarded to applicants with the most financial need until all funds have been exhausted. 

Blue and pink pastel background with the colors seemlessly fading between. Overtop of this background are the words "IN THE ART OF BECOMING" written in all caps.

Want to offer your financial support for the scholarship?

Purchase merchandise! Any proceeds from your purchase will go directly to the scholarship.

You are welcome to send a one-time donation via Venmo @Becoming-Through-Sound or PayPal @BecomingThroughSound. When sending your donation, please just mark that it is for the scholarship. If given the option, it would be so appreciated if you could "send to friend" so that all of your donation can go directly to the scholarship. 


Please note that any donations are not tax-deductible as Becoming Through Sound LLC is a for-profit business. Thank you for your generosity and financial support of the scholarship!

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