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Level II: Clinical Work in gender affirming voicework

Ongoing, at trainee's own pace


Trainees will begin offering gender affirming voicework, emphasizing that they are still in training to any potential clients.


Please note that as this certification process is still in development, the number of required clinical and supervision hours needed to become certified might shift as we gain more clarity about the process of training others in gender affirming voicework. We ask for patience and compassion as this training process continues to develop.


At the moment, we estimate that at least 50 hours of clinical work will be required, to be completed at the trainee's own desired pace while receiving direct supervision from a music therapist experienced in gender affirming voicework. We estimate that at least 25 hours of individual and/or group supervision will be required, to be completed while accumulating clinical hours.


Supervisors will work individually with trainees to continue improving their skills in gender affirming voicework. This might involve ongoing assessment, assigned readings, and sharing case studies. As stated above, this certification process is still in development. Please note that supervisors reserve the right to require additional clinical hours/supervision to further develop skills needed to support others in this work.


Upon successfully completing the required hours for clinical gender affirming voicework and supervision, trainees will receive their certification in gender affirming voicework and will be added to the list of music therapists certified in gender affirming voicework.

Cost of Training

Trainees will be responsible for all individual and group supervision fees (negotiated between trainee and supervisor). Visit here for Maevon's current rates.

Becoming Through Sound LLC is an Approved Provider (#P-227) through the Certification Board for Music Therapists. 

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