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Level I: Foundations of gender affirming voicework

This training is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 57 CMTE credits, 3 of which count for Ethics. Becoming Through Sound LLC [#P-227] maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.

All spots for this first cohort have been filled. Next training opportunity is intended for January 2024.

All times in EST


This 24 week training is facilitated by Maevon Gumble, Braedyn Inmon, and k schachner, offering a 3:1 ratio of trainer to trainee throughout the training. First 8 weeks will be spent focused on developing a solid foundation in gender affirming voicework. Space will be provided for the cohort to engage with readings/resources, group discussions, and experientials focused on:

  • Unpacking cissexism within ourselves & within the voice

  • Embracing a transformational learning & resource-oriented music therapy approach

  • Developing awareness of many kinds of vocal embodiments & hormonal environments

  • Building knowledge of vocal anatomy & physiology as well as resonance & pitch

  • Developing skills for working with the physical voice

  • Developing skills for emotional holding

  • Developing assessment & evaluation practices

  • Exploring ethics & scope of practice

For the remaining 16 weeks, the cohort will be divided into groups of three for triad work, with each triad getting the opportunity to work with each trainer. Each triad member will rotate through the roles of Facilitator, Participant, and Observer. This will allow each person to: Practice facilitating gender affirming voicework with peers; Explore their relationship with and mechanics of their own voice; and Observe peers to offer feedback. The training will end with the entire group coming back together to process and prepare for clinical work, should they desire to continue on to Level II.


  • Participants will develop understanding of at least 3 mechanisms of the voice that are important to gender affirming voicework. (V.A.2)

  • Participants will engage in at least 6 gender affirming voicework experiences to explore their own relationship with their voice and gender. (V.B.11)

  • Participants will practice facilitating at least 6 individualized gender affirming voicework experiences with peers to develop skills. (III.A.2.g; III.A.2.t;; III.A.2.fff)

  • Participants will practice at least one assessment of a peer to grow familiar with voice-based assessment tools specific to gender affirming voicework. (II.B3; II.B.9; V.A.1; V.B.5)


Board certified music therapist (or similarly credentialed if not based in U.S.) or current enrollment as a music therapy graduate student

We have been very intentional in our attempts to make this training as accessible and socially just as possible and are therefore using a tiered system for the cost of this training. Please note that being honest about your financial situation enables the growth of more equitable and financially sustainable communities. The cost of this training opportunity reflects a respect and commitment to the work of practitioners in healing fields who have professional costs and living expenses. When paid fairly, the facilitators of this training are able to dedicate more resources to each trainee and can provide more low cost offerings.

Cost for Training

Tier I: $960

Available for those who are 1) BIPOC and 2) queer, transgender, nonbinary, or gender expansive (In the Art of Becoming Scholarship for BIPOC trans folx available at this tier)

Tier II: $1280

Available for 1) marginalized and minoritized music therapists and 2) music therapy students

Tier III: $1600

Suggested rate for music therapy professionals

Tier III: $2080

Recommended for those who are a part of privileged communities and those able to pay more to support the facilitators in making this training both accessible and scholarships/tiers sustainable

Payment Plans

Plan #1

  • Deposit: One-third (1/3) of selected tier by 12/30/2022 when accepting a spot in the training.

  • Tuition payment: Remaining two-thirds (2/3) of selected tier is due by the start of the training on 1/22/2023.

Plan #2

  • Deposit: One-third (1/3) of selected tier by 12/30/2022 when accepting a spot in the training.

  • Tuition payment: One-third (1/3) of selected tier is due by the start of the training on 1/22/2023.

  • Tuition payment: One-third (1/3) of selected tier is due by the start of triad work on 3/19/2023.

Plan #3

  • Deposit: One-third (1/3) of selected tier by 12/30/2022 when accepting spot in the training.

  • Tuition payments: Remaining two-thirds (2/3) of selected tier divided into 7 monthly payments due on the 22nd of each month (January - July)

In the Art of Becoming Scholarship

For each Level I: Foundations of gender affirming voicework training, Becoming Through Sound will cover the cost of at least one BIPOC transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender expansive individual to attend the training through the In the Art of Becoming Scholarship.

Blue and pink pastel background with the colors seemlessly fading between. Overtop of this background are the words "IN THE ART OF BECOMING" written in all caps.

Level I Facilitators

Picture of Maevon Gumble, who wears a black shirt and denim flannel overtop it. They are white and have short red hair (buzzed on the sides with some on top), a nose ring, and green tortoise glasses. They smile while pictured in front of the three large sunflower wall panels found in their office.

Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC

Maevon (they/them) has presented on the possibilities of gender affirming voicework as far back as 2017 and introduced the method in 2019 through their graduate thesis research and subsequent publications. As a genderqueer music therapist whose primary instrument is their voice, Maevon has continued to explore the possibilities of this method alongside their peers Rae and k and through offering gender affirming voicework services, predominantly to those a part of the trans and nonbinary communities. They have a full practice and specialize in both mental health services and gender affirming voicework.

Picture of Braedyn "Rae" Inmon wearing an orange, white, blue, and maroon floral button-down and dark blue suspenders. They are white and smiling with brown shoulder-length hair, facial hair, and tortoise style glasses. Background is blue.

Braedyn "Rae" Inmon, MMT, MT-BC

Rae (they/he) has been a board-certified music therapist since 2016. Originally from Texas, Rae has been intimately involved in the continued development of gender affirming voicework. Their experience as both a voiceworker began in 2018 as a way to support themself in their journey through hormone replacement therapy, and their work broadened in late 2019 when they began regularly working with Maevon and k to develop and practice the approach. 

Picture of karter "k" schachner who wears a yellow sweather. They are white and smiling with with curly brown hair that comes down past their ears.

karter "k" schachner, MT-BC

k (they/them) has been a board-certified music therapy since March 2020. From the greater Pittsburgh area (PA, USA), k has also been intimately involved in the continued development of gender affirming voicework since 2019, bringing their extensive experience in voice teaching, vocal directing, and songwriting/performing to the triadic relationship with Maevon and Rae. k has been working with clients in gav since May 2022 and continues to expand their practice into other realms of music therapy, namely community-based social-emotional learning groups with youth.

Becoming Through Sound LLC is an Approved Provider (#P-227) through the Certification Board for Music Therapists. 

Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) logo. Letters are maroon with swirls circling around the "C" of CBMT.
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